Tyger-essential wear and photography. Items worn by Tyger "Ty" Hudson. Worn and stained for your Pleasure and Sexiest Dreams! Some Tygerscent of your own to remember for years to cum or until we meet! Photos are sold unframed and in a variety of sizes, (8 X 11, 11 X 14, 16 X 21 approxiamtely according to the image. Inquire within). Images sold are sent in protected packaging to reduce the risk of damage to the image while on route to you. TEI and/or Tyger Bhuggatthi/Ty Hudson do not take responsibilities for packages damaged by rain, fog, ice, snow, or other natural phenomena.

Our contact information

By email: tygerkink@yahoo.com
Business email address www.tygerscent.biz
By standard mail:
Your business name: TEI

By phone: 503.719.9274 Pasific Standard Time. Call 24 hours a day!


Shipping Information: Orders shipped within 3 business days and may take up to one week to arrive. All shipments will have a tracking number. Shipping will commense via FedEx or UPS according to which is most accomodating. Priority shipping of one or two day shipping can be arranged and shipping prices will reflect priority. No Refunds after purchase. For questions please contact Tyger at tygerkink@yahoo.com